an Talamh – ilroinnte I

These images form part of a larger series called ‘an Talamh’, created when I was participating in an Artist Residency in Donegal, Eire in May 2015. The residency was based upon the notion of combining writing with the ritual burial and exhumation of processed medium format film negatives.

By taking words from the Irish language [Irish Gaelic], as a lead title, it gives resonance to both time, place and process.

‘an Talamh’, the name for the entire Residency series, means ‘The Land’.

‘ilroinnte’, the title for following images means ‘Fragmented’. There are two parts to this particular series, hence I and II.

Image 12a

Image 14a Image 15a

© Mary Pearson

Biosigna 3 – February 2015

The negatives that created these images were buried for two weeks between the 1st and 14th February. The work is part of an experiment that I will be conducting this year which involves burying negatives for the first 14 days of each month in the same place in my garden and at the same depth. I want to see how the soil conditions over seasons changes to form different reposes to the images and negatives buried.

Image 2 (2)a

Image 3 (2)a

Image 4 (2)a

© Mary Pearson